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Marketing Made Simple

Sep 22, 2021

Now that you have a one-liner and website, your potential customer is curious about how you can help them solve their problem. That’s where your lead generator comes in. A lead generator is a free yet valuable asset you offer potential clients as a way of building authority and trust. Lead generators are also a key way to capture potential customers’ emails so you can continue guiding them on the journey to buying your product.

Welcome to Part Three in our How To Create Your Marketing Made Simple Sales Funnel series, where J.J. and April break down everything you need to build the perfect lead generator. In this episode you’ll learn: 
  • The six things a great lead generator needs to do
  • Examples of an effective lead generator
  • How to get started building a lead generator
J.J. also talks with Josh Brammer, one of our amazing StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guides, who shares how he helped his client create a lead generator that immediately helped solve their customers' problems and got them exited to buy! Contact StoryBrand Certified Guide Josh Brammer directly at
Every week on Marketing Made Simple, marketing experts Dr. J.J. Peterson and April Sunshine Hawkins give you practical marketing tips rooted in the StoryBrand framework, the marketing framework that shows you how to invite customers into a beautiful story where they are the hero with you as their guide. Never miss an episode and follow Marketing Made Simple on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you enjoy podcasts.. 
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