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Marketing Made Simple

Oct 20, 2021

Call 615-649-0705 and share your story of success after using the StoryBrand Framework before Friday October, 22 for a chance to be featured on a future episode!

With so many of you taking action to create marketing that works using the StoryBrand Framework, we want to hand you the microphone and feature your story of success on the show. Call 615-649-0705 before Friday, October 22 and leave a voicemail telling us about your small victory or huge win after using the StoryBrand Framework or building your sales funnel and you could be featured in an upcoming episode!

Call us at 615-649-0705 before Friday, October 22 and share your story of success today. We can't wait to hear from you!




We get this question all the time: “My business is unique and I help customers fix a very specific problem, but will the StoryBrand framework actually work for my marketing?”


You've been heard and we are answering! This is the first episode in our new series that answers the question, “Will it work for me?” Previously on the podcast, we explored each part of the framework, and now we’re showing you how to apply them directly into your specific business or organization. No matter if your business is B2B or B2C, for-profit or non-profit, a big corporation or a personal brand - the StoryBrand framework will work for you! In this episode, J.J. and April dive deep to answer, “Will the StoryBrand framework work for your B2B business?” And you’ll definitely like what we’ve got to say!


You’ll also hear from StoryBrand Certified Guide Ryan Toth, who shares how he helped his B2B-based client stop wasting thousands of dollars each month trying boost their SEO, and instead rebuilt their website using the StoryBrand framework! The success that followed is mind blowing. You can contact StoryBrand Certified Guide Ryan Toth directly at




Every week on Marketing Made Simple, marketing experts Dr. J.J. Peterson and April Sunshine Hawkins give you practical marketing tips rooted in the StoryBrand framework, the marketing framework that shows you how to invite customers into a beautiful story where they are the hero with you as their guide.


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