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Marketing Made Simple

Jan 5, 2022

Each week on the podcast, we show you how to use the StoryBrand framework in your marketing to invite customers into a beautiful story where you are the guide and they are the hero. But today's conversation is a little bit different. You're never going to believe it. You might even be shocked because today we are giving YOU permission to be the hero! While you should always play the guide as a company, brand or leader, when it comes to your own personal story and experiencing a fulfilling and meaningful life, you should always play the hero.


In today's episode, Donald Miller, host of the Business Made Simple Podcast and author of Building a StoryBrand, joins us to talk about how to create a life of meaning and purpose, all from his new book Hero on a Mission. If you want to wake up every morning interested in your own life, your own business, and your own story, then you will love today's conversation all about becoming a hero on a mission.


When you preorder Hero On a Mission on Amazon, Audible, or wherever you buy books, you'll also get free instant access to Donald Miller's limited video series How to Transform Your Life with Story-Based Goal Setting. Just email your receipt to, and you'll unlock the course you need to achieve every goal you set using the power of story.




Every week on Marketing Made Simple, marketing experts Dr. J.J. Peterson and April Sunshine Hawkins give you practical marketing tips rooted in the StoryBrand framework, the marketing framework that shows you how to invite customers into a beautiful story where they are the hero with you as their guide.


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