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Marketing Made Simple

Dec 30, 2021

Most of us are bored with the story we’re living. We’ve lost interest in our own lives, and as a result, we spend our days feeling anxious, restless or just flat out hopeless. But what if you stopped trusting fate to write the story of your life and started living like a character in an interesting story? Our new six-part limited podcast series, Hero on a Mission, will help you do just that! In this preview of an upcoming episode, host Donald Miller walks you through creating a morning ritual so you know exactly how you should be spending each day. 


Just follow the Business Made Simple Podcast feed and every Thursday starting January 6th for six weeks we will unpack what you need to do to create a life plan that finally lets you live everyday with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. 


If you are ready to stop leaving your life up to fate and rediscover true purpose and meaning, the Hero on a Mission limited podcast series is exactly what you need. Just follow the Business Made Simple Podcast feed wherever you stream podcasts and every Thursday for six weeks starting January 6th you will learn how to become a hero on a mission.