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Marketing Made Simple

Jul 7, 2021

As a brand, you must define what your customer wants. As soon as you define that, a story question forms in their mind: Can this brand really help me get what I want? Without this, the customer has very little interest in the story.


This week, J.J. and April guide you through the Character section of the StoryBrand framework and how you can:


-Define exactly what your customer wants


-Plug that specific language into your marketing


-Help transform your customer into the hero after they use your product or service to get what they want


April also talks with Stacey Moore, one of our amazing StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guides, who shares an example of how she redefined what her client's customer really wanted and how it not only clarified their message but grew their business.




Every week on Marketing Made Simple, marketing experts Dr. J.J. Peterson and April Sunshine Hawkins give you practical marketing tips rooted in the StoryBrand framework and show you how to invite customers into a beautiful story where they become the hero and you become their guide. And when you help your customers win, you win.


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